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Step 1: Pick a resource category and select a search option offers a suite of extremely powerful tools designed to help you find exactly the ministry or business resource(s) you're after quickly and easily. Begin by deciding what resource category you want to search in - would you like to interview a Pastor or a Choir Director? Are you interested in booking a christian speaker or comedian? Are you searching for a provider of products or services?

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  • Associate Pastor
  • Choir Director ( Adult )
  • Choir Director ( Young Children )
  • Choir Director ( Youth / Teen )
  • Christian Author
  • Christian Business Consultant
  • Christian Fitness Coach / Trainer
  • Christian Speaker - Business Topics
  • Christian Speaker - Family Topics
  • Christian Speaker - Health & Fitness Topics
  • Christian Speaker - Topics of interest to Men
  • Christian Speaker - Topics of interest to Women
  • Christian Speaker - Topics for Youth
  • Church Supplies
        ( Robes, banners, fans, etc. )
  • Christian Comedian
  • Conference Planning
        & Management Specialist
  • Services related to Construction
        & Remodeling
  • Day Care Program Professional
  • Diet & Nutrition Consultant
  • Diversity Consultant
  • Driver ( Pastor / senior church leadership )
  • Event Planner ( General event planning )
  • Finance Ministry Specialist
  • Physical Fitness Program Consultant
  • Services related to Food & Catering
  • Music Teacher ( Instrument Instruction )
  • Instrument Tuning, Cleaning & Repair
  • Internal Sales Staff / Consultant
        ( Book Store, CD's, DVD's, etc. )
  • Interpreter or Translator
  • Printing Services
        ( Custom flyers, Programs, Brochures, etc. )
  • IT Services - Web ( Programming )
  • Lighting Specialist / Consultant
  • Maintenance & Cleaning Services
  • Marriage & Family Ministry Specialist
  • Minister of Music
  • Musician - Keyboard
  • Musician - Percussion
  • Musician - Stringed instuments
  • Musician - Wind / Brass
  • New Member Care Specialist
  • Nursing Services
  • Outreach / Missions Ministry Specialist
  • Dance, Theater & Performing Arts Ministry Specialist
  • Personal Assistant ( Pastor / senior church leadership )
  • Professional Photography Services
  • Praise & Worship Leader
  • Services related to Security
  • Senior Pastor
  • Signer ( Sign language professional )
  • Singles Ministry Specialist
  • Social Media Consultant
  • Sound System Consultant
  • Sunday School Teacher
  • Services related to Travel Management
  • Vendor ( Sells goods at conferences or special events )
  • Professional Video Services ( Camera Operator, Editing, etc. )
  • Vocalist
  • Voice Coaching / Instruction
  • Youth Pastor

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